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Brewster in Bloom 2017Brewster In Bloom

May 5, 6 & 7th

Spring has sprung here on the Cape!  Lots to do at Brewster’s 31st annual three day festival!  Enjoy the sunny weather and celebrate the blooming of spring flowers.

The festival begins on Captain’s golf course with the closest to the pin contest! Not a golfer? That’s okay, there are art shows displaying local talent as well as antique shops with open doors! All are ready to celebrate Brewster’s best spring festival!  Finish the day with Brewster’s Band opening concert!

Day two of the festival starts with a fun 5K Brewster in Bloom Run! Cheer on your favorite athlete or join in the race and get your blood flowing.  After the race bring the kids for face painting and lots of fun activities at Drummer Boy Park!  By now you’ve worked up and appetite, a perfect time to try local favorites including a Chowder tasting at JT’s Seafood Restaurant or a small plate tasting at Chillingsworth, one of the finest restaurants on the Cape!

The final day of the festival will offer a myriad of options but not to be missed is the Brewster in Bloom Parade!!! Fun for the whole family beginning at 12:00!  Pick up gifts or just stroll thru over 90 vendors at the Juried Fine Arts and Crafts Show at the Cape Cod Sea Camps.

A whole weekend of fun enjoying the greening trees and colorful blooming flowers!  Worth an early trip to Spring on Cape Cod! For a complete list of events click on the following link:

Doing Less Gets You More When It Comes to Owning a Vacation Home Finds Wyndham Vacation Rentals® Survey

Survey of vacation rental homeowners finds managing and marketing their property directly doesn’t necessarily yield a return on the added investment of time and effort

71% of owners who have tried renting both ways believe professional management companies are more effective at attracting guests than they are themselves – Read The Full Article Here

List Your Property

Survey Reveals Most Vacationers Would Rather Rent Through a Professional Agency Than a Homeowner That Handles The Rental Process Themselves

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – The arrival of spring kicks summer vacation planning into high gear – for many that means finding a vacation rental. Before booking that dream vacation home, travelers need to think twice about who they rent from as it makes a big difference when it comes to safety, service and peace-of-mind according to a new survey from Wyndham Vacation Rentals.

Nearly 90 percent of do-it-yourself hosts secretly dread doing the things needed to deliver a great vacation experience – dealing with guests, handling inspections and cleaning the house. As a result, nearly 70 percent of travelers who have tried both would prefer to rent from a professional management company as opposed to an owner during their next stay.

The private space and home-like amenities of vacation rentals have strong appeal – 89 percent of those who never tried a rental would consider doing so – but tales of vacation rentals gone bad when booking directly with a homeowner weigh on renters’ minds.

Unmet expectations. 62 percent of all vacationers worry about not being able to get problems solved quickly and nearly half (46 percent) are not confident that they’ll get what they anticipate when renting directly from an owner.

Unsafe rentals. Nearly half (45 percent) of all vacationers worry about the safety of an owner-managed property.Guests want to vacation with confidence. Nearly half (49 percent) of all vacationers look for a name they can trust when booking accommodations.”The survey underscores that travelers want to know their vacation is in the hands of someone they can trust,” said Gail Mandel, CEO, Wyndham Vacation Rentals. “Being a homeowner doesn’t necessarily make you qualified nor interested in running a bed and breakfast. The reality is most homeowners don’t have the time to adequately meet guest expectations when it comes to safety, cleanliness and assistance, and as a result they find the tasks daunting.”Who You Rent From Matters Nearly seven in 10 guests (68 percent) who have stayed in a professionally managed vacation rental and one managed by the owner prefer the managed option. No Complaints. Virtually all guests (99 percent) who stayed in a professionally managed home had a positive experience during their last visit.

At Your Service. 95 percent of vacationers can think of at least one reason why they would choose to rent from a management company over the owner. Top reasons included the company resolving issues quickly and providing a 24/7 contact. Peace of Mind. Nearly half of all vacationers would choose a professionally managed rental over owner-managed because it provides greater peace of mind.

Safety. Guests who have experience with both options are two and half times as likely to feel extremely confident in the safety of a home rented through a management company as opposed to one rented directly from the owner. While peer-to-peer listings may dominate the headlines, professionally managed properties account for nearly half of all transactions annually in the U.S. In fact, many of today’s most popular vacation rental listings are peppered with professionally managed properties. Unlike direct-from-homeowner rentals, vacation rental managers like Wyndham Vacation Rentals oversee the process from start to finish ensuring a great guest experience. Vacation rental managers have established standards for quality, service and security for their properties whereas peer-to-peer rentals leave the standards up to each individual homeowner.  Mandel adds, “Guests should know they do not have to go it alone. But if they do, they should keep in mind important tips, like renting from a reputable source, watching for signs of fraud and only using secure payment methods. If they have any hesitations at all, they should consider a professional manager who will keep their concerns top of mind.”This study was conducted by Kelton Global from December 14, 2015 – January 5, 2016 among the following audiences: 1,000 nationally representative Americans 25+ who have ever traveled outside the home overnight, including 447 Americans who have experience being a rental guest in someone else’s vacation home and 561 Americans who own two or more homes and have ever rented out one of their homes to travelers (this group includes U.S. vacation rental homeowners who have a rental agreement with Wyndham Vacation Rentals and those who do not). – See more at:

Vacation rentals: Wi-Fi and washer/dryer beat location, quality and price –

Vacation rentals: Wi-Fi and washer/dryer beat location, quality and price

43% of respondents (renters) will only book with a local management company.

ORLANDO, FL – According to a recent survey, Wi-Fi and a washer/dryer are now the most important vacation home rental features of today, beating out location, quality and price!
Where and What to Book?
So a traveler wants to book a vacation rental. The first two questions for a prospective guest to address are pretty simple:
1) Where and how t
o begin the process of booking a vacation rental.
2) The most important features to consider when booking a vacation rental.When a prospective guest sits down at their computer to begin making home rental decisions for their vacation, what things are most important to them, and how do they go about making those decisions?
Recently, the staff at Orlando vacation rental company decided to pose those questions in the form of an online survey to their guests. The results were both insightful and surprising.Let’s cut to the chase:1) Where and how do you to begin the process of booking a vacation rental?• 63% of our respondents begin their search using a major search engine• 43% of respondents will only book with a local management company2) What are the most important features you consider when booking a vacation rental.A. The overwhelming most valued amenity in the “Very Important” column was none other than Wi-Fi, at 67%. Yes, in-home internet access ranked even more important than “price,” which polled at just 28% in the same category. In short, the majority of leisure travelers demand to be connected while vacationing.Whether it’s to check e-mail from the office, social media, find local entertainment and dining info, or for the kids to play their video games, you’d best make sure to have a reliable Wi-Fi system, and promote that to your guests.

B. The second most amenity selected as “Very Important” was a washer/dryer, coming in at 53%. Yes, people really want the ability to wash their clothes when traveling.

skaket beach rental
Front of Home

Do you have a specific beach you have to be at for your Cape Cod Vacation?  If you know where you want to stay then it is time to look and book a home.  You want to make sure you get the location you want and make sure the home is a good “fit” for your taste and comfort level.  Homes like this one by Skaket Beach book quickly and if you wait until the spring time to start looking you may have to settle.

This home checks every box.  It is nice, clean, walk to the beach, has A/C, 2 TVs, WIFI, outdoor shower, grill, deck and washer / dryer.  Homes like this are in high demand these days.  The key to getting the house and location you want is to book early.




Brewster For SaleThis area of Brewster is and is becoming even more desirable.  What is the reason?  Well for one, the 2 beaches are both association beaches.  So that cuts down on the crowds, which is always a good thing in the summer season.  In addition to being able to walk to the beach from every property in the neighborhood you can also walk up to great restaurants and sandwich / coffee shops.  There is JT’s Seafood, Jomammas and more.  Across 6A from this low key and friendly neighborhood is the bike trail and Ocean Edge Golf Course.

There is a home on Winslow Landing for sale right now in this area and it looks to be a good investment.  A couple of years ago we sold a home just slightly closer to the water but a little smaller and for a little more money and it rents like crazy!  This home that is for sale on Winslow Landing with a little effort would rent well and be a great home to use in the off season for the new owner.  Buy & rent it now and retire in it later 🙂



Nauset Beach Vacation Rentals Beach waves

This is Columbus Day Weekend and it is gorgeous here on Cape Cod.  The leaves are turning and the sun is out!  It doesn’t get much better!  This is the time to go over the past summer rental season and see what changes and updates your vacation rental home might need.  Take a look at what the renters may have said in regards to feedback, take a look around yourself or maybe have an honest friend or family member go through the property with you. Look for things that need repaired and schedule a professional to take care of it.  Sometimes it is hard to get work done in the Spring right before the busy summer season.  Little things go a long way.  Things like comforters, pillows, mattress pads, bath mats, shower curtains and liners.  Make sure to have new / like new and clean and fresh each year.  Perhaps its time to throw those old dishes and silverware away and visit Target, TJmaxx or Christmas Tree Shops for some nice, new and fresh ones.  Whatever you do, I hope you are here on Cape Cod enjoying your property and this beautiful piece of God’s creation.  Have a great holiday weekend!

The picture is of Nauset Beach yesterday.  There were great waves and surfers having a ball!

Vacation rental deals

Are sheets and towels included with your Vacation Rental?  At the vast majority of Cape Cod vacation rentals sheets and towels are not included.  So why would that be?  There are a few reasons for this.  The most prevalent reason I believe is that it is just too hard and costly for linens to be provided.  There just isn’t enough time between tenants to do a full cleaning and change over linens.  In addition to this reality most tenants like to bring their own so they know what they are sleeping on.  If you are like me I like to KNOW that the sheets and towels I am using were not just used by a stranger and they were washed to my standards.  Maybe that is just me thought :).  There is also a little law that says where sheets are supplied at a rental property they are to be taxed like a hotel or motel would be taxed.  So that tax and the additional cost of laundering, etc. would have to be paid by the tenant.   There are plenty of linen rental services that do provide sheets and towels for your vacation rental property if you can’t bring them with you.   Perhaps you rental agent even can supply them for you.  Some do but you may have to ask.  Chances are that if they do, they will be a little cheaper than the linen rental services in the area.  One linen rental provider in the Cape Cod area also has a whole array of other items to rent like kayaks, beach gear, beach chairs, coolers, baby cribs, etc.  They deliver and pick up the items right at the rental property.  If you are interested their website is:

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