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How to Register My Vacation Rental on Mass Tax Connect

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How to register your Cape Cod vacation rental home and get the necessary certificate number?

The first step in registering your vacation rental home with the state is to set up an account with the state using the Mass Tax Connect site.  As a homeowner that uses a rental agency you will sign up as starting a new business.  Once you have set up an account on Mass Tax Connect you will then log into your account and register your home as a short-term rental.  Once you have done that it takes about 24 hours for the state to issue the rental certificate.  You will find this as a link under CORRESPONDENCE on your Mass Tax Connect account page.


Here is an article put out by the Cape & Island Board of Realtors that has some helpful information.


How Owners of Short-Term Rentals Can Register Their Property

Owners of short-term rentals, called “operators” under the Massachusetts short-term rental law, need to register their property. The operator will receive a certificate number they will need to provide to every intermediary who is collecting rent on their behalf, so that intermediary can remit the taxes.

Operators do have a grace period during the transition. Operators have until November 1st, if an operator has not received a certificate number and an intermediary has to file taxes, the intermediary can use the operator’s Social Security Number or their Federal Tax ID number up until November 1st. As of November 1, all returns must include the certificate number.

Here are the steps to register:

If you already have an account on MassTaxConnect:

  • Log in to MassTaxConnect
  • Select “Add Account Type/New location” to register for the Room Occupancy Consolidated tax type
  • Select “Room Occupancy Consolidated” (for activity for July, 2019 and after).

If you do not have a MassTaxConnect account:

  • Go to MassTaxConnect
  • Choose “Create my username”
  • Choose “Create my username” again
  • Select “I am an individual who has previously filed taxes in the state of Massachusetts”
  • Choose Social Security Number as ID type, enter the number, select “Personal Income Tax” as the account type and proceed with the verification process
    — You will be asked to provide one of the following: A tax return amount OR a tax refund amount from one of your past three (2016, 2017 or 2018) Personal Income Tax returns.
    — The amount must be greater than $0. If you can’t provide a tax return or refund amount, call the Trustee Tax Contact Center at (617) 887-6367 (choose #4, then #3 when prompted).
  • After setting up your account password, choose “Add Account Type/New Location” under “I Want To” to register for the Room Occupancy Consolidated Tax.

If you rent your Cape Cod rental home yourself and are tired of handling it all we can handle it all for you.  Homes that rent with a local rental agency tend to rent better, have less issues, less refunds and much happier and less stressed homeowners.  Reach out today and we will take the stress out of owning a vacation rental home and allow you to enjoy it again.

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