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Rental Terms & Policies

Rental Reservation Terms & Policies

COVID:  Due the state of things with COVID19 we have arranged for contact free check in and check out.  Cleaners at each of the homes have been given cleaning protocols from authorities and will be wearing masks and gloves.  State Governor urges any out of state visitors to self isolate for 14 days.
Guests will need to bring their own comforters, pillows, sheets, towels, etc.  Guests are also urged to bring disposable gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaner.
There is a risk of contracting the COVID19 while visiting and staying at a place of accommodations like a short term rental.  Guests are to use proper per-cautions and understand that per-cautions and protocols have been put in place.  There is no guarantee being made about anything and guests enter and use the rental home on their own discretion.

Payment:  Payments that are accepted are personal checks, cashier checks, money order, traveler checks, cash in US funds drawn from a US bank.  We do not accept credit cards.  Typically the first payment (deposit) would be half of the rent + an administration fee & applicable tax.  The balance of the rent + security / ADP & applicable tax would be due on 5/15 or 30 days prior to arrival if the reservation was made later than 5/15.  Full payment is due prior to arrival and needs to be fully processed and cleared in order for tenant to take occupancy of the property.

As of January 1, 2019 all reservations starting on or after July 1, 2019 will have the applicable Massachusetts Short Term Rental Tax.  The tax is dependent on the town the home is located in and can change.

Check in / Check Out:  For the majority of the rental homes, check in is at our office anytime after 3 PM.  Some rental homes allow you to check in right at the property.  You can check with your agent if you have a question about this. You are not allowed on the property any earlier than what is stated on your lease.  This includes parking at the property prior to check in.  This will result in a fine of at least $50 and up to $500 depending on length of time you are at the property outside the legal time stated on your lease agreement.

Cleaning:  Every home is professionally cleaned before and after every tenant.  If you notice anything that was missed you must notify us within 24 hours of your arrival time that is stated in your lease agreement.  Every home has an additional cleaning fee that is property specific.  This is non-negotiable.

Cancellation Policy:  If a cancellation is necessary, you can inform us immediately in writing.  We will then begin an effort to re-rent the week(s).  If a suitable tenant is secured a refund will be made less 15% + the admin. fee.  If we are unsuccessful in re-renting you would be responsible for following through with the terms set forth in the lease agreement.

Reservation Adjustment: If a change of date / week(s) is requested by tenant and the owner of the property has given permission for the date change an additional administration fee of $65 will be deducted from the security deposit or added to the balance of the rent owed by tenant.

Security Deposit / Accidental Damage Protection Waiver:  The security deposit is returned less the cleaning fee within 60 days of departure as long as there is no damage or lease violation.  We typically get them back much sooner.  Accidental Damage Protection Waiver covers up to 5 times the amount of the ADP for any accidental damage that occurs during the tenant’s stay.  Accidental Damage Protection fee  is non-refundable.  The ADP fee amount is specific to each property. The ADP is intended to protect the tenant from accidental damage done to the rental property during their stay. Owner and Agent may bill tenant for charges in excess of and/or not covered by ADP.  It does NOT cover: Wanton Behavior including intentional acts, gross negligence or willful conduct; Evidence of and/or damage caused by pets (Pets are not allowed at most properties); Damage done by unauthorized groups; Any equipment or personal property damaged or loss that was brought by the tenant to the property; Normal wear & tear; Unpaid bills, fees, expenses incurred for returned items, damage in excess of agreed coverage, legal fees or additional rent monies charged for lease violations; Any damage caused by a violation of The Cape Housing Company Rules & Regulations or in an action that violates local, state or federal laws; Acts of God.

Description of Rental Home:  We make every effor to honestly and fairly give our opinion and an accurate description of the rental property.  It is highly suggested that every tenant see the property, in person.  In any case The Cape Housing Co. and its agents are not held responsible for the tenant’s “mental picture” of the property, an errors in property description including any changes to the property done by the owner and any amenity that may or may not be at the property.
The Cape Housing Company will do the best to accurately describe the Property to Tenant, based on Tenant’s request, i.e. size, location, amenities, price range, etc. Agent will provide upon request a written description and exterior picture of Property. We highly recommend that Tenants view the Property in advance of making a reservation. Reservations will not be made contingent upon Tenant viewing the Property. If the Tenant or a Representative is unable to view the property before making a lease and beginning Tenancy, Tenant will have no recourse if Tenant feels the property does not fit Tenant’s “mental picture.” Agent will not be liable for changes in equipment and furnishings, misinformation or typographical errors in property description or website. Agent is not responsible for changes in Property telephone numbers.

Pet Policy:  We love dogs and we have a dog but most vacation rental homes have a no pet policy.  Some of our vacation rentals are pet friendly and do allow a pet, including service dogs (which are not pets but service animals).  True Service dogs are allowed at properties by law that are not “Pet Free”.  All properties unless they are categorized as “pet friendly” are “Pet Free”.  This ensures that the owners and any future guests do not have to worry about any pet allergens as a health precaution. Many people are extremely allergic to pet dander and it can ruin someones vacation and even threaten their life. If any foul play is suspected with misrepresentation of a service dog we would warn you that we have zero tolerance for this and would push for full prosecution.
Pet policies are strictly enforced, any violation of this is grounds for immediate eviction and a $1000 fine.  Some owners do have pets and just because they may not allow tenants to bring a pet, this does not mean that there has never been a pet at the property.  Allergy prone people may want to ask specifically if the owner has a pet.  We cannot guarantee that there has never been a pet at any home.

Smoking Policy: There is a strict NO smoking policy at every home.  This is strictly enforced.  If there is any evidence that smoking has taken place in the premises, the tenant will be fined $1000 for cleaning and

The Cape Housing Co. is a rental agency, we are not a property management company.  The up-keep and management of the property is the responsibility of the owner of the home.  We make every effort to make your stay as enjoyable as possible but these homes are not ours and thus TCHC is not responsible for them.  Please keep this mind and understand that TCHC and its agents are not to be blamed for the quality of things at the home, changes to the home, etc.

Appliances:  if during your stay an appliance happens to fail, we will make every effort to have it repaired within a reasonable amount of time but cannot guarantee the working of appliances at any given time.  This applies to all appliances including A/C.
Privacy Policy – We do not share or sell your information with any other entity for any reason.